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Congratulations on becoming a grand-mother-to-be! I can't wait for that to happen to myself, and I can only imagine how happy you are.
I'm a new poster, but a long time reader of yhour blog. I only recently started my own little blo,g so now I feel I can comunicate better. Thanks for all your inspiration!


I am late with my congratulations, but this is wonderful news! Good wishes to all the family, and I'm very keen to see how the quilt-making turns out - it'll be beautiful, I'm sure.


Congratulations on your wonderful news. I'm sure the quilt will be lovely and a real family heirloom. Hope we will see the finished item.


Congratulations--what exciting news! I love quilts. I took a few quilt classes and really liked it, but of course time is always the problem (so I usually stick to cross stitch). I did make a table runner for my mom, though. And I have two quilt tops finished that just need the quilting. At this point I might pay someone to finish them for me. I like the piecing, but not the quilting and I am no proficient enough with a machine to do it that way. Good luck with your project!


What lovely news to receive, congratulations. I am sure the quilt you make will be beautiful, and will be a much loved item for little baby. x


What a lovely thing to make, a quilt will be treasured and loved, the perfect gift. I jumped in at quilt making last year with my first quilt, a gift for my godson. It was a steep learning curve but the hardest part was choosing the fabrics, everything else is just a matter of learning. I am sure your quilt will be beautiful and much loved.


Congrats! What wonderful news!

Binding is easier than it looks as long as you go slow (most quilting books have good explanations at the back). I'm a notoriously bad binder though as by that point I'm rushing because I just want to be done!

And quilting is a grandma thing - because I've discovered it's not a mummy thing. Sharp scissors, needles, and the dreaded rotary cutter do not mix with toddlers. I'm learning how to knit :)

(My comments don't seem to be appearing, if I'm double-posting, feel free to delete!)



Binding is much easier than it looks as long as you don't rush. (Most quilting books have good how-to explanations at the back.) I'm a notoriously bad binder though as by that point in the quilt making process I just want things to be finished!

And quilting *is* a grandma thing - because I've discovered it's not a mummy thing. Sharp needles, scissors, and the dreaded rotary cutter do not mix with toddlers. I'm learning how to knit :)


Michelle ... it is Tim and Liz ... so we will have a Capitol Hill baby!

Thank you to everyone for your good wishes! I am, indeed, making a pink quilt even though I am guessing it will be a boy. The plan is to make a pink and a blue quilt ... of course, depending upon the outcome of quilt one!


Oh yes a quilt is an absolut must for a soon to be Grandmother to make. Congratulations to all concerned!


How exciting - congratulations to you (and the parents-to-be). What a wonderful grandmother you will be!


Wonderful news! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress - you will show it, won't you? :-)

Alice C

Lucky you... and lucky baby to have you as a grandmother! Now - how soon will you be reading bed-time stories?


Congratulations! That's wonderful news! Well, I think your current quilting endeavor, the bag, looks great. I really like your fabric choice - very chic.


Congratulations Becca!
Such a Blessing for your family!
Which one of your daughter-in-laws
or daughter is expecting?
So very happy for you and Geoff!


Congratulations to you! I am sure that the quilt will be wonderful. The colors you have chosen are just lovely.


Oh congratulations to all of you! It will be lovely for baby to have a quilt made specially for them. :)


Congratulations! I remember my excitement with my first grandchild. I now have six with two more on the way. I'm so surprised to have that many. I didn't make a thing but I sure did buy some cute things.


wonderful, wonderful news.

I bet you make the most beautiful quilt for the grandbaby!




Wow! What a great news! Congratulations, Becca!

PS: I invite you to see your lovely pets on my current post, about my friend's pets.

Have a nice week ahead!


Congratulations - what wonderful news. Looking at the quilting pieces in the first photo makes me think that the only recipient of this quilt could be a baby of the girly variety! Happy quilting! x


How exciting! I think such news stirs the creativity pot inside us, and makes us want to do something, anything in anticipation.

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