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This was a brilliant soup, I couldn't help tweaking it to suit what I had on hand, and used a tablespoon of miso paste - it was totally gorgeous, very quick and easy and my Beloved didn't even mind eating it again the next day!


The weekly recipe is going to build up into such a resource, Becca. Thank you.

Gorgeous photos!


Yum! Serious yum! I love the first photo of the two wonderful fat cloves of garlic sitting in olive oil with the rosemary..... this is a soup I'll be making - soon! Thanks.


I saw a dog who resembled yours walking on the beach today. Love the way all your colors shout fall--even those of the dog and the soup!


Good Morning Becca, I can almost smell the soup and feel the sun as Ceilidh does !

I have just added your link to my list "fellow hi-fliers" and since I always also add a little "catchphrase" (isn't it so amazing from which places around the world we bloggers gather together) and I presume that you are in Pittsburg, right ? If not please correct me...
Have a nice Sunday with my best wishes from Vienna, angelika


This soup sounds yummy! I must try it.
Happy birthday to your husband!
Ceilidh is just adorable and so sweet!
Last but not least the colour of leaves are stunning!
Have a nice Sunday!


What beautiful colour to have in your own garden. I must save the soup recipe for next autum, we are in spring!


Mmm, autumn colours - the best of the entire year I think.


Last week's chicken soup recipe was a hit around here on Halloween night. Thanks!


Great photos. Your dog is lovely. Must try this soup. It's chilly here in Eastern England tonight.


Might try the soup for Bonfire night, yum!

Elizabeth Chapman

Those leaves are gorgeous! It is not quite cold enough here in DC to start making soup...Hopefully soon though. I can't wait to try this one out.

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